Ring Booth

Light and modular, it's the simpler photobooth system!

Light, secured and modular, this simple accessorize will transform your event!

Customize your Ring booth

Slip it in a bag and carry it everywhere you want. You can customize the front of your Ring booth with stickers to communicate. 

Use a tripod stand, hang it on a wall or fix it on furniture, as you like it.

With or without printer, modulate it according to your wishes. 

Customize your app

Our app is Your app! You can change lots of elements: homepage, background, frames, stickers, mail, etc. Just ask us.

You can also choose your the experiences you want to offer: filters, gif, video, stickers, etc. We'll do our best to realize what you have in mind!

Fichier 8_3x.png


Simple picture, simple function but wonderful memories.

Fichier 1_3x.png


Infinite loop to create some funny gif.

Fichier 7_3x.png


Let your pictures move and be creative with animated filters.

Fichier 12_3x.png


Make the difference with slowmo and pay attention to details!

Fichier 5_3x.png


Be a movie star and express yourself in short videos.

Fichier 6_3x.png


More? Drop us a line with your idea so we can bring it to life!

Fichier 4_3x.png


Add some stickers to customize your experience!

Make your own Ring booth!

 Rent it 


 Buy it 

Fichier 11_3x.png


Use your own iPad or rent it from us.

Fichier 10_3x.png


Rent or buy, you can choose what you need: tripod, fastening, etc. 


Rent it or just use the sharing function. Ask for our great furniture.

Tell us what you want

and we'll give you the best price